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Welcome to Mojo Donuts!

We are honored to serve you some of the best doughnuts in South Florida. Sweet, salty and everything in between, our wide variety of flavors assures that there’ll be something for everyone and our serviceable staff will make sure you feel right at home the whole time. Don’t be shy, give us a try! We’re sure to satisfy your taste buds!




Each element on every doughnut is lovingly prepared by hand. The batters, glazes and most of the toppings are painstakingly made from scratch. We prepare them just like we’d like to eat them, so they’re perfect every time!


Our delicious doughnuts have been featured on both The Food Network and the Cooking Channel. Not to mention their top national ranking on Yahoo, Yelp!, Trip Advisor and The Food Network. Only the best for Miami!


Our bakers are at the shop before sunrise to ensure you get your quality pastry as early as you need it. Preparing brand new batches of baked goodness for each day assures you the freshest doughnuts around.



In 2013, Shawn and Shelley Neifeld opened Mojo Donuts in Pembroke Pines. They’d noticed a trend of boutique doughnut shops sweeping the nation and decided it was South Florida’s turn. Their passionate food preparation and creative menu made their shop extremely popular, so much so, that customers were driving all the way from the Keys just to get their hands on the delicious creations. Soon there was a general cry for a more accessible location to the South. Jimmy Piedrahita and Willie Muñoz, a creative business duo whose friendship and work relationship spanned decades, answered the call. Together, they approached Shawn, and all three decided to create a new landmark dining spot in Miami. The Westchester location offers golden fried chicken along with its doughnts, a brand new menu item. Jimmy and Willie’s business experience, creativity and enthusiasm made them a one-two punch essential to the success of the new branch. Add that to the fact that Jimmy, the operator of this new branch, was raised in Kendall and is enthusiastic about good customer service. This novel partnership hopes to take Mojo Donuts to brand new heights and make South Florida fall in love with them all over again.



We offer unique catering services for your special event. Interested in making your wedding or birthday even sweeter? Want to add a bit of pizazz to your conference or corporate event? Our creative sweet and savory concoctions help your activity stand out. Simply fill in the form below and send via e-mail. Our catering specialists will contact you immediately and help bring your vision to life.